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Our organic and biodynamic 20-acre garden, located in Kimberton, Pennsylvania (about 50 minutes from Philadelphia) operates as a 270 share CSA, which stands for Community Supported Agriculture. We offer shares in the garden to our local community at the beginning of each season and shareholders receive their portion of the harvest each week.

In the garden we grow a diverse mix of seasonal vegetables, flowers, herbs, and berries. Our crew of over 15 gardeners is made up of many people in our community, managers Eliza, Jasper and Erin as well as adults with so-called disabilities, agricultural apprentices, service volunteers and interns. We are deeply committed to the use of biodynamic methods, which allow us to strengthen our ecosystem while providing food of the highest quality and nutritional value to our local community. Activities in the CSA include plant propagation, greenhouse management, pruning, transplanting, weeding and harvesting crops, tractor and equipment operation and maintenance, irrigation, composting, cover cropping, and making and using the biodynamic preparations. We also work with a team of draft horses to plow, cultivate and work the soil. Incorporating training and education on biodynamic farming into our daily tasks is an essential element of our garden with the people of many different abilities, backgrounds and ages who find meaningful work at Sankanac CSA.

The season begins in the greenhouse in early February. We grow transplants from seed and then move on to the outside garden work in mid to late March to plow in the cover crops, plant the first crops and clear the straw away from the strawberries. April and May are spent cultivating the fields, transplanting the seedlings that were grown in the greenhouse, weeding and trellising many of the crops. By the beginning of June we’ve begun harvesting and the CSA begins for the season. As fall arrives we are making the biodynamic preparations, finishing the harvest and cover cropping the fields. November brings the main summer season to a close with much stored away for the winter months. Winter brings a time of reflection as we plan and prepare for the season ahead, fix tools, repair fences, and collect manure from local farms to make compost for the coming season. And so the cycle continues.


5 thoughts on “Learn More

  1. What tues will CSA starting?

    1. For the 2017 Season the first Tuesday pickup is May 30th.

  2. Toni Sullivan May 22, 2017 — 5:06 pm

    Are there any more shares available for this upcoming season? I have some neighbors inquiring as we were bragging about how excited we are that it starting soon !!

  3. I’m interested in joining for 2020
    Can you please tell me what a small share consists of? Its for two adults.
    Do I pay monthly or all at once?
    Is it 20 or 24 weeks?
    Your FB page is way out of date. I can volunteer to help you with that. I admin several pages. Please contact me
    Susan Britton Seyler 610 416 2467
    I live in Chester Springs, and I am familiar with the Camp Hill community.
    Warm regards,

    1. Hi Susan,

      A partial share consists of a selection of seasonal produce ranging from approximately 10 to 18 different vegetables each week depending on the time of the season. In the mid summer even a partial share is generally a large amount of produce for two people and most members will do some processing or freezing. The share is for 24 weeks from May 26th until November 6th. You may pay all at once by check or Paypal or in installments through Paypal. Thank you for your offer of help with our Facebook page, there is a more current one at this address https://www.facebook.com/sankanac/

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