CSA & Membership

CSA- Community Supported Agriculture

The CSA model connects folks who are interested in fresh, local, seasonal food to a farm. In this case it is the Sankanac CSA, part of Camphill Village Kimberton Hills.  A member of the CSA commits to purchasing a share at the beginning of the season and then receives the bounty of that year’s harvest. This gives the farmer a chance to focus on the health of the farm and soil, and produce the best quality crops.

In the “off season” or the slower part of the year, the farmer prepares a plan for the next season. In this process the farmer figures out a running budget, which is an approximation of the amount of money that is needed to run the farm. That number is figured in to the available land space and a projection of possible yields which helps to define the number of members and how much a share would cost. A member pays before the season starts and accepts a small portion of the risk that any farm and farmer face. The diversity of produce helps reduce the amount of risk the farmer and shareholders are taking. For example, if the potatoes fall to rampant late blight (like the blight that covered the east coast in 2009), sweet potatoes may have an exceptionally high yield and so in a sense make up for the loss. With so many varieties of vegetables as well as successive plantings, a large number of crops will always do well, and the farmer is always working to limit the amount of crops that don’t.

A membership to the Sankanac CSA specially connects the share holder to the farm because the weekly pick-up happens only at the farm.  It creates a social experience and a chance to “get to know the farmer”, walk in the fields where your food comes from, and even harvest certain items from our U-Pick section.


We offer a 24 week share. Members can choose to purchase either a Full or a Partial share depending on their personal needs. A Full share is designed to feed a family of about four; a Partial share to feed a couple, or a veggie loving individual. The cost for a full share in the 2021 season is $990.00 and a partial is $570.00. We mostly provide vegetables, along with some strawberries, watermelon, cut flowers, and herbs. The pickups are once every week for 24 weeks, beginning the last week of May. When you sign up you choose to do your pickups either on a Tuesday or Friday, and stick to that day throughout the season. You can pick up your vegetables between noon and 6pm. Sometimes there are U-Pick items such as strawberries, peas, or flowers which will be offered for you to gather yourself from the garden if you wish. We also offer a bread and baked goods share through our CSA, as well as a raw milk share from our dairy. 

5 thoughts on “CSA & Membership

  1. Can you please tell me where is the pick up site? I live 35 miles from Kimberton Hills. Do you deliver to the Reading or Lancaster area?

    1. Our only pickup site is on the farm which is at 1731 French Creek Road, Phoenixville 19460.

  2. Thank you. I will share this with my friend who lives closer than I .

  3. Can you buy the bread or dairy on the side? We don’t eat a lot of bread so I don’t necessarily want a bread share.

    1. Both the Sweet Water Bakery bread and the Kimberton Hills milk are sold at the Kimberton Whole Foods store just two miles down the road from the farm. You can also call the dairy folks at 610-935-0314 and the bakery folks at 610-935-1060 to ask about special arrangements. But I can tell you that I am also not a big bread eater, but I could devour a fresh Sweetwater loaf in one day. All by myself.

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