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Camphill communities are made possible by the many volunteers who serve in various capacities to support each other and build a strong and ethical community.

People with diverse backgrounds, skills and personal goals join our community for a year of service or for a lifetime, volunteering their time and energy; they live, work, learn and grow with us.


We offer the opportunity for aspiring agrarians to gain experience in biodynamic, organic, and sustainable methods of agriculture and land stewardship in a social therapeutic setting together with adults with developmental disabilities.

At Kimberton Hills we believe that the health of land and people are deeply interdependent. In that spirit, we practice biodynamic agriculture, which begins with the best organic practices and incorporates a view of the land as a living organism. Garden Apprentices receive strong “hands on” training by working alongside experienced mentor farmers. In addition they receive a solid theoretical foundation in biodynamic and organic agriculture through a “Winter Intensive” study at the Nature Institute and Hawthorn Valley in NY state, weekly tutorials and planning meetings, farm tours, and ongoing agrarian and anthroposophical study groups throughout the year. For more information and available openings please contact our admissions office at , or visit the Kimberton Hills website.

Definition: An apprentice is a volunteer who commits to approximately one to two years of volunteer service, but with a primary focus on one particular aspect of community life (i.e. Biodynamic gardening).

Responsibilities: Apprentices are expected to be able to be in a supervisory role as soon as deemed capable by their householder/workshop leader.

Additional Details: Apprentices are eligible to receive a stipend and are eligible to drive village cars.  After three months, apprentices are eligible to have their medical costs covered by Kimberton Hills.  Vacation time will accrue per the village’s time off policy.

 More Information About Volunteering | Requirements & Applications

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