About Us

The Land

Sankanac CSA, located within Camphill Village Kimberton Hills in Chester County, Pennsylvania has grown to 20 acres of clay and sandy clay soil along a hillside. Our fields are buffered by both woodlands and pasture and surrounded by the French Creek. We often see blue herons, hawks and bald eagles flying above the garden. We have worked to create a series of berms and swales throughout the garden following the contour of the land which manage water movement, prevent erosion and create a resilient growing system in our changing climate.

Our Crew

At Sankanac CSA our crew is made up of a diverse group of folks living and working in Camphill Village Kimberton Hills. While growing food throughout the year our garden also strives to provide meaningful work for individuals with so called disabilities. Our growing practices offer opportunities for people of varying abilities and experience to be involved and make great contributions!

Our Management Team

Eliza Killo, Jasper Williams and Erin Throop began managing Sankanac CSA in the spring of 2017, finding their way together from three unique farming backgrounds to create one awesome garden! Eliza, is originally from Latvia, with many memories of helping her grandmother in the garden as a little girl, came to Pennsylvania after high school and began her training in biodynamic agriculture. She has a passion for machines, and can often be found on the tractor, mowing or weedwacking. Jasper, from Rockland County, NY began his biodynamic training at The Pfeiffer Center where he developed a great foundation for working with the biodynamic preparations. He also is excited about creating habitat for pollinators, perennial systems and working with our draft horses. Erin began her journey in organic farming in Ann Arbor, MI at Tantre Farm and found her way to Pennsylvania initially to work with dairy cows. Since transitioning back to vegetables, she can often be found working in the greenhouses or with our crew.

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